Belgian Estate

Architectural Style: Belgian Country Estate

A Mother / Son trip through the Cote du Rhone led us to a north bound trip to explore the Belgium countryside. An instant love affair ensued for the casual organic and natural materials, in the Architecture, which seemed to grow out of the environment. We were excited to get back to Houston and import the concepts and material usage we discovered.

A prime one acre, lot deep in the Memorial Neighborhood became available and today, our interpretation of a Belgian Country Estate proudly stands. Casual chic, yet timeless the house is wrapped in Texas limestone, which is very much like the stone found in Belgium. It contained all the Architectural bones you could want for a poetic story. Like a Belgian cottage made of rubble from the fields and timbers cut from trees on the land, it is composed of ingredients that belong to the earth. Exterior stone was brought into the linear interior organization, to give the home an authentic Belgian essence and to create a cohesive and understandable flow of spatial unity.