Ode to Andrea Palladio

Architectural Style: Palladian Italian Transitional Country Villa

From our travels to teach students in collaboration with the Universities of Rome and Florence, we were totally captured by Andrea Palladio, The Father of Architecture.  We were mesmerized by the simplicity of Villa Pojana’s entry Architectonic statement.  We waited long before we were able to find the perfect project to inject our passion for Palladian mannerisms. 

Once you step into the foyer, the Oculi are fiercely present as the space flows upward visually to the second floor, which connects the spaces at the highest plane.  Penetrating the Foyer into the Living Room, crowned with a Barrel vault were windows that were carved into the barrel. The space is almost worshipful as the ever-watchful Oculi, fuses the spatial language from the front to the back of the house.

The chic, formal sophistication, TDS was able to bring into this project, was an exhilarating experience, which gave a clear experiential understanding of Palladio’s language in spatial relationships.